o’Riley (Harmonics Solo) – studio version

I’ve had quite a few people say they couldn’t make out the solo on the videos because of the clapping (everyone did a GREAT job clapping btw!), so I sat down last night and recorded it – hope you like it! Maybe it’s a good thing you couldn’t hear it 😉

I think I’ll call it “o’Riley” – I’m part Irish, my daughter’s name is Riley and it just reminds me of her when I play it. She’s so high energy and zany at the same time – she ROCKS \m/

  1. Nice! Now you just to take this video and record the Papervision3D model as you play and put the two videos side by side or picture in picture so we can see the whole thing in action.

  2. OH I would have, but harmonics aren’t accurately displayed/detected by the midi setup unfortunately ;(

    Otherwise, I would have 🙂

  3. rock on JOHN

  4. Haha man, you really ROCK!!! \m/ Hope to see and hear you live one day…

  5. Great Solo John!! It was a blast seeing you at FITC

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