FITC Toronto 2007 – Guitar Demo

First off, FITC 2007 ROCKED \m/ – I think everyone agreed that this was a great conference, and alot of good times were had by all! Shawn, Naomi and the gang really figured it out this time and the venue was perfect. Its sad when you have to go though – you realize that some of those people you won’t see for another year ;( But as Queen used to rock: The show must go on!

Below are videos taken at the Red5 demo Chris Allen and I did at FITC this year and it was definitely not the normal session 🙂 Chris ripped out his trombone and played a 2 part jazz piece to start it off with. I had written a multi-track recorder in apollo/flex2 using Red5 to record the tracks and it was a really cool demo.

This first video is of the actual 3D Guitar demo created with Papervision3D, Flex2, Red5 and a mutt guitar. The neck and body are separate objects that can be hidden at any time, and you can rotate the guitar at any angle you like. The guitar was fitted with a Midi bridge from Roland (gk-3) to catch the notes I played and then send them via midi to Red5 – who then passed that along to the Flex2 app. I then mapped those notes to a texture on the fret board of the 3D model and here you can see some of the demo. Unfortunately, we didnt’ get a lot of video with the 3D guitar, but when I start playing Unchained by Van Halen, they show the screen and you can see the green dots light up as I play.

I’ll be doing a completely separate entry for the Guitar demo that goes over the skinning and technique for creating this app. I’ll Also be bringing the guitar to Los Angeles for the 2 day training at RMI and will go over it there extensively

This next clip is the actual Guitar solo. I had taken a challenge from my daughter who plays guitar. I had been telling her it was ok to play in front of people and so, she called me on the fact that I’d never played guitar in front of anyone – it’s always been drums! So, I took that challenge to show my 8 yr old, it’s cool to get out and rock in front of people. I was completely nervous!

This last clip is of the Harmonic Solo – it’s a solo I’ve been playing with for a long time now and I wanted to play it out in front of people to see what they thought of it. So if you like it let me know 😉 It might be a bit tough to make it out at first but when she turns the camera towards the amp, you can hear it pretty well. It’s all harmonics, and it’s fast.

  1. Wow videos are rockin’! I had to missed the clapping part since I was in the green room getting ready for my session. Glad it was captured though :). Oh and go Brightcove for the sweet quality playback.

  2. That is some crazy insane guitar playing going on there

    • Cam
    • April 27th, 2007

    Thats awesome John. I especially appreciate the nod to Canada with Limelight. You should have put some washing machines on the podium 😉 I wish I saw your presentation but I had to work that morning.

  3. I’ve always said, I’m a natural Canadian 😉 Grant Skinner granted me citizenship a while back, so we’re good.

    I had wanted to throw Tom Sawyer in there! but my mind was scrambled

  4. Uh, i could have sworn i read something you posted before the conference, and I’m paraphrasing, ” I suck but love to play guitar”. Well, you shred on that ax and the midi/red5 outcome… amazing and a bit baffling.. You more than push the envelope; you re-invent it, then punt it from the 35 yard line and make it fly perfectly through the goal post. Very inspiring work. Thank You.

  5. ROCK ON JOHN! You are insane! 🙂

    This is by far the craziest technology demo I’ve ever seen. Using RED5, as a transporter between midi and Flex.

    What’s next? Controlling XWing with a guitar? 🙂 I think it could work. 🙂

    • Pablo Gilberto
    • May 8th, 2007

    The app is awesome – the guiter playing is horrible!

  6. I do believe I said “i’m not a guitar player, I’m a hack…” 🙂

    point taken!

  7. This is brilliant. Encompasses two things I love, Flash Development and Guitar…

    Only wish I did it first 😀

    Great work and great playing John !

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