FITC 2007 – Toronto

What do you get when you cross an axe and a wii?

  1. splintered white plastic?
  2. a happy axe?
  3. a psychotic blend of midi/wii joy?
  4. a ROCK ON experience you’ll never forget?

We’re not talking "wii" like, "I gotta go man, pull over NOW!"

We’re not talking about "wii" like, "oh those puppies are soo adorable!"

We’re talkin’ about " W\m/ "!! The kind of wii we’re talking about causes involuntary outbursts like:

  • "DO IT AGAIN!!"
  • "ROCK ON \m/"

If you find yourself at FITC Toronto 2007 this year, catch Red5’s presentation and get yer dose of Rock for the day! I’m planning on trying to find the time to get this all working together, but if it does, we’ll have some people helping out in the audience and get some groove on with their wii’s.

Disclaimer: I’m partly insane – i’m not a guitar player, I’m a hack, but I LOVE playing and I figure, why not make a TON of noise with some rowdy Flashers liker yerselves – am I right??!

  1. Haha! See you there, I’ll play one of my tunes!


  2. I am so looking forward to this!

  3. OMG, this is so going to be worth the trip over!

  4. Nice! Now we just have to hook up my trombone. I’m working on it. 😉 I do think that you are giving away way too much though.

  5. Can’t wait!!!

  6. I’ll bring my tamborine 😉

  7. Gutted that I’ll be missing Toronto this year. Rock on without me!

  8. OH man Pete!! we’re going to miss you man! We’ll be thinking about you at the baseball game 😉

  9. Oh yes!!.. this is the stuff I like!!!!!… crazy bananas!, I wish I could be there… 😦

  10. John, I think you can start a band with this guy:

  11. oh man, I DIG what he did, but I couldn’t stop chuckling at his dancing and comments – but Man, thats cool what he did!

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