– Flash 3D and more

This is really very well done – I don’t know that I’ve seen it done this well with this much control and intention in flash yet. Click on the guys face and distort it. It’ll bounce around a bit and then go back into shape. You get a sense for this guys taste for morphing shapes 😉

Main Site

Then you visit his Digital Toy #1 where people are being blown away by some wind storm (on they’re way to oz I suppose). You can click and drag the people away and the scene’s change. You finally end up in the universe where dragging the earth out of orbit causes a catastrophe and eventually, you see the moon and earth form again. It’s friggin’ awesome!!

Digital Toy #1

As if that weren’t enough, check out his pictaps – you can draw your own dancing character and you get a full audience that watches and cheers you on:


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  1. None of these links work! And the guy doesn’t appear to interact at all!

  2. yeah, I’m assuming his site got completely saturated with requests. Seems that the site is just simply down.

  3. Does he use Papervision3D for the Pictaps environments? That site is so addictive.

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