Papervision3D – oh my…

I’d known about Papervision3D since I created the OSFlash project myself, but hadn’t really experienced it until today. Dood, life is cruel sometimes. Now I gotta wait until December to play around with it!!! See, I knew, I knew if I looked that’d I’d wanna play and I’d be screwed. That’s why I put a “you no looky” sign on this one but Carlos felt a need to share since my previous post about 😉

Now, this isn’t really new on the web, but it’s new to me, and Carlos shared it because of my questions about using animated SWF’s and having those animations displayed. He popped this little demo over and I had share:

Check it out >>

Oh, and by the way, this is in Flash 8 XD – an AS3 port is definitely on the todo’s but wow, amazing speed with Flash 8. I can only imagine the increases with AS3!

Papervision3D room
  1. i haven’t been as excited since laco’s tweening prototypes!!

  2. Man, I had to cleanup after myself after everything I’ve seen today. Could it be??? Has usable 3D in flash finally arrived?

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