Inventor’s Workshop

Man, this is alot of fun, I gotta tell ya. I just spent a good hour trying to create physical inventions to deal with certain goals – like routing a ball to a container. Keith just launched this little gem for PBS Kids this week and I can hardly believe he’s delivered this thing already. When I first saw it about 2 weeks ago, it was a couple of circles and lines!

You get a set of “parts” to create your invention to do the goal they give you. After you get the feel for what the parts “do”, you can really come up with some colorful ways of manipulating the situation and accomplishing your goal.

check it out

I really think that Keith should consider doing this for a living now. How much could he possibly make as a male stripper?

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  1. I like it to, reminds me of TIM (The Incredible Machine) that came out in the nineties.

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