GGGGG I LOVE PanelPack!!

Yeah yeah, it seems like I always hear the same thing lately: “every one uses Eclipse or FlashDevelop/SEPY/Mtasc to write Flash apps – who uses the FlashIDE anymore for developing Flash??”

I guess that explains why tools like Flasc and gProject get the most views on some of my blog entries as well as downloads. Let’s not forget agencies like BLITZ, Grant’s shop, 2Advanced, Big Spaceship or Schematic who make a fortune creating experience sites for just about anybody and everybody you could name. Yes my friend, the Flash IDE is very much the leader in creating these experience sites. FlashDevelop/Sepy/Mtasc have their place in the workflow to help developers get their job done faster, but it still remains that tools enabling Flasher’s the ability to have one IDE open at a time is still a very attractive option.

Enter Skinner’s Panel Pack– gSearch, gTodo, gTextStyles, gTweens πŸ™‚

Panel Pack

Now, I’m not going to go over each of the panels here, I’m going to focus on one that really saved my bacon a while back and share a ttle modification I made that really brings it to life.

I was given the task at one point early this year to convert GE’s geottera site to Chinese (yeah, me too – LOTS of Tums). During that time, one of the translators included the entire font outline in one of the dynamic text fields and that caused the SWF to jump from 400k to 17mb’s! I knew what the problem was, but I had literally over 100 dynamic text fields to look at and since this is the type of asset thats NOT in the library, it was a matter of digging through all movieclips/timelines – yeah, more Tums please.

GE China

At this time, Ryan gives me a beta copy of gSearch and we made a very slight tweak to allow me to do searchs on dynamic textfield instances specifically. I was able to rifle through a list returned to me and within about 5 minutes I found the instances and was back down to 400k! Without gSearch it would have taken literally hours to accomplish/find that textfield!! yeah, after that, it was a permanent fixture in my panel arsenal.

Grant, Lanny and Ryan have really taken the time to put the final touches on these Panels and they’re an absolute MUST have for anyone doing serious Flash IDE work – go and pry the $25 out of those cold bony clutches you call fists and do yourself the biggest favor you’ll be able to remember in a long time and get these. Like I said, the first time you use gSearch, you’ll be amazed that you ever did without them.

Now, this leads me to my little modification πŸ™‚ I really wanted the ability to search the timeline by “type” – IE: dynamic, input, static, movieclip, bitmap, graphic, video etc. So, I updated the “k” loop of the searchItem method of the gSearch.jsfl file that ships with the Package.

So, you can do searches like:
dynamic::username – this would give you all dynamic textfields with “username” in the instance name
dynamic::* – this gives you all dynamic textfields
bitmap::mybitmap – this gives you all locations of the “mybitmap” bitmap in any timeline.

gSearch Modification

you get the idea πŸ˜‰

Here’s the “k” for loop. If you own the Panel Pack, then just update gSearch.jsfl:searchItems() ‘k’ loop.

Get it! >> Panel Pack

    • Philippe
    • November 21st, 2006

    Hey, people can use both the Flash IDE and these cool external editors at the same time πŸ˜‰

    I guess that if I had the issue you described I would have written this kind of JSFL myself… But if this gSearch can save me a few hours of JSFL coding that’s cool πŸ™‚

  1. hehe, yeah that’s what I meant Philippe πŸ™‚

    My workflow for blitz was:
    Flash IDE, Flasc, Xray, FlashDevelop

    My current workflow has been Eclipse/FlashDevelop with very little FlashIDE work ( the designer gets to have all the fun )

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