FITC Hollywood – What a great time!

Well, I finaly got the midi/drum/flash/red5 demo ready enough to show at FITC and it was a party to say the least! The crowd was cool, friends helped me out tremendeously to truck gear from the room to the conf rooms and back.

You can see the original demo from home:

setting up

After some minor technical issues, I got it fired up and we rocked for an hour πŸ˜‰

The crowd was really into it, which amazed me. I was just hoping to get it to work and some musicians would dig it, but by the time it was over, someone asked for an encore (which blew me away) and we thew down Subdivisions by Rush.

The first song was Tom Sawyer, which I never made it all the way through for. Then it ended with a Dream Theater montage which you can see here or hear on Keith posted about it on his blog (BIG thanks for doing that Keith!).

Playing along with Tom Sawyer Video

I just wanted to say thanks to Chris Allen, Keith Peters, Mark Cohn (BLITZ), Robert Gale, Luke Hubbard, Joachim Bauch, Steven Gong, Chris Mills, and Tina Paulson for helping me get it all working, getting the equipment to the stage and getting setup – it was a family effort!!

Below, I included the slide from the presentation that basically explains the flow of what I did. And I thought to include a shot of what my office looked like for 8 weeks (notice the kick pedals under the desk πŸ˜‰


Diagram of programatic flow
  1. John this is great! I am a long time Rush and Dream Theatre fan and have been jamming to Rush for years (guitar). Someday we should jam.

  2. DOOD, I’m all over that !! I got a bass player who can jump in with us too – when and where man!!

    • Marc Johnson
    • February 8th, 2007

    Wow! You’ve come a long way from teaching me to play drums in the vault at the bank. What a thrill to see you play again. With this red5 no one can tell you that you need to play softer. Seriously, the finger twirl is so you. Awesome blog.

  3. Ha Marc!! Hey everyone, Marc was my best man and a long time friend! Can’t believe you found this blog entry πŸ˜‰

    Nice to see you man \m/

    • lasconic
    • March 16th, 2007

    Hi from France ! I just discover this ! Amazing what can be done with flash and red5 ! I wonder if I can do that at home (I own a vdrum and an maudio interface too :)) Is the code free ?Or is it a company project ?

  4. Hey Lasconic! If you get the latest release of Red5 (v0.6 rc2), it has the midi application with it.

    As for the source, I can post a sample on the a api, but it’s a bit hacked right now πŸ™‚

    I”m redoing it in AS3 right now for FITC Toronto (Doing a guitar solo with a Roland gk-3 midi bridge). I think i’ll post that code when I get it finalized. I think it’ll be much easier to understand

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