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Looks like I was right about Apple ;)

From the sounds of these emails from Steve Jobs, I’d say I hit it right on the money for the most part ;)

Apple doesn’t like Flash…

There’s been tweet after tweet after tweet about Apple’s new little clause in their developers agreement:

3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs. Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited).

Essentially, the first reaction is that if you don’t write it in Xcode, you can’t do it.  That’s at least what the first reaction was to the verbiage.

Now’s its speculated that maybe it means products that create an IPA file without creating an Xcode project are subjected to this new rule.  Leaving products like Unity3D in a safe spot so to speak.  But who knows at this point.  It’s all speculation until summer time 2010.

So, since nobody really knows for sure what that means yet, and so, as Keith Peters put it:  Grab some popcorn, sit back on the couch and enjoy the fireworks for the next couple of months – it’s going to get interesting ;)

I guess my general reaction to this, after having a night to sleep on it is this:  If Apple is thinking that the flash output is less than ideal in terms of performance/packaging on their devices, then we might be able to see where they’re coming from (not that I agree, or am saying that Flash’s output is inferior, I’m not saying that at all). But, if you’ve done any iPhone development, you know  that they’re so anal about experience in their SDK/agreements that this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

IE ( and let me put it in terms of what THEY’RE likely thinking ): They know they’re going to get a HUGE influx of flash apps from virtually ANYONE (hacks/babysitters who make banners/12yr olds who like pink ponies, you name it) making content for their devices, and they’re probably not to happy about the prospect of it lowering the standard of what they want for their devices.  It think you get the point.

NOTE: I’m not saying people using Flash for iPhone content are necessarily hacks or poor developers – not my point at all.  I’m pointing out that Apple is VERY ANAL about experience on their devices – right down to the use of icons and UI experience and performance.

Case in point: the trench run.  We were asked to pull a warning from the app that showed the very first time you played the game.  It simply said, “Please restart your device for best performance”.  Apple had us remove that as it insinuated that their device was the problem, not our app.  In reality it IS their device’s problem – you SHOULD reboot your device for any high performance game, but they’re not going to let you point it out.

my 2cents on the matter.  thoughts?

Steve Jobs: Bill Gates might not be so bad after all…

just read:

Unity 2009 Presentation video

They were finally able to produce and post the video of one of my presentations at Unite 2009. This one covered much of the iPhone Trench Run project in detail. I went through the entire project practically.


Irriation rant (short)

Ever watch a sporting event (Saints ROCK btw – loved that game!!) and hear either the announcer or one of the players/coaches say something like:

“yeah, you know when you’ve got people in the league like the Payton Mannings, the Drew Breeses, the Walter Paytons, the Joe Montana’s…”

Does that drive anyone else nuts? THERE’S ONLY ONE OF EACH OF THOSE GUYS SO QUIT REFERRING TO THEM AS MULTIPLE POSSIBLE PEOPLE ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. YOU SOUND STUPID. STOP SAYING THAT. Not to mention it degrades the people to whom they refer. Seriously, is there anyone else in the league you could call a “Walter Payton”??? Anyone reading this as a hardcore football fan should have just gotten the shivers at the thought.


go Saints.

RMI Giving away free online training

hey, I just got a heads up that RMI is offering free online training coming up here in February – check it out:

Free through February 28th
Introduction to ActionScript Development with FDT
30 minute introduction to the world’s most powerful ActionScript editor with Alan Klement

Free through February 15th
Comprehensive ActionScript 3
Over 9 hours of AS3 training with R Blank

Try it on HARD or Jedi

We’re seeing comments from people who say Trench Run is too “easy” or “I finished it in 10 minutes”.

Please – go to settings, set it to something that’s a challenge like HARD or JEDI. THEN tell me it’s too easy. Trust me, it’s not, and it’s FAST.

If you beat it on Jedi, and still feel like it’s slow or too easy or you finished it too quickly, THEN i’ll take you seriously, but until then, RTFM – ever hear of settings? Use em’ :)

PS> we’re still waiting on v1.1 to be approved by apple. I swear, if they charged a $500 fee to expedite a review of a release, I’d pay it. This 3-4 week wait time is completely unreasonable.

[/rant]… for now


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